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Business Owners

Businesses Seeking Transactions Capital Raise, Sales, Generational Transition

While our end clients are buyers, many business owners come to Top Right Partners when considering plans for an exit, partial exit, or growth capital, because of our strong relationships, expertise, and access to buyers. While not all companies are a fit, we will always do our best to identify potential opportunities within the client base that we serve.

Generally speaking, our clients invest anywhere from five to one hundred million dollars per transaction (though in some instances, more or less), in companies with sales ranging from under ten million to several hundred million dollars. The majority of transactions are buy-outs that result in a change of control, but many different transaction types may be considered. In most instances, existing owner operators are encouraged to participate in the future success of the business and retain a minority interest.

Business owners who are considering a sale or partial sale, or who are looking for growth capital, are encouraged to contact Top Right Partners to discuss potential opportunities that may exist among our broad base of private equity and corporate clients. We can determine if there may be a fit, and introduce you to one or more qualified buyers or investors, at no cost to your company, and with no obligation, while maintaining strict confidentiality.