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Fractional and Interim Leadership

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What is a Fractional or Interim Leadership?

In the most basic terms, a fractional or interim leader is a person who steps into an organization’s leadership position on a part-time or temporary basis. Like traditional leaders, fractional or interim leaders strive to maintain stability in an organization experiencing some form of “stress” (significant growth, change in leadership, etc.).

What’s the Difference Between Fractional and Interim?

  • An Interim Leader is a full-time staff member that creates a bridge during an executive transition or before hiring a new executive.
  • A Fractional Leader is a part-time solution to provide access to otherwise unattainable talent, providing your business the opportunity to leverage highly-skilled staff on an as needed basis.

Some things to know about fractional or interim leaders:

  • These types of positions can span a wide variety of time. Companies note Interim tenures span between one month and two years, with an average of about seven months. For Fractional leaders; time commitments span between four and twenty five hours a week, with an average of about fifteen. Similar to Interim positions, Fractional positions typically average about seven months in length.
  • Interim leadership jobs include Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Revenue Officer and similar senior leadership positions in areas such as Human Resources.

What organizations need from interim leaders?

Interim leadership is not just about filling a position until another person comes along; interim leaders are agents of organizational change. Because these individuals are coming from other organizations and past leadership roles, they have the ability to bring new ideas and solutions to current organizational issues., such as: Termination Management, Business Analysis, Crisis and Project Management, Streamlining Organizational Communication, and other critical business needs.

Benefits of Interim Leadership

Bringing an interim leader into your organization offers several benefits. Some reasons to bring on an Interim or Fractional Leader include:

  • They offer a timely hiring solution
  • They bring new answers to old problems
  • They can help define leadership needs