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Working with
Seller Representatives

In addition to sourcing proprietary opportunities for our clients, Top Right Partners also maintains extensive relationships with many leading middle market and lower middle market investment bankers, ranging from large, well-recognized firms, to small, boutique firms and business brokers. As a result, we see a large number of qualified sell-side opportunities, in many different industries and regions of the country, searching for deals that may be of interest to our buy-side clients.

Professional and Cooperative

We also work with a variety of other intermediaries, including accountants, consultants, wealth management advisers, and corporate attorneys.

Investment bankers who are interested in identifying potential opportunities with Alcon clients are encouraged to contact us. Please see our updated list of active buy side searches. We are generally interested in evaluating all kinds of opportunities for a potential fit with one of our clients.

As always, we take great care to respect the confidentiality of your clients.